Walk and Talk


August 16


09:30 am - 10:30 am

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Tramshed Arts and Community Centre

1395A Pittwater Road, Narrabeen, NSW 2101

Join the Belong Club Walking Group at Narrabeen Lagoon – Come for the walk, stay for the good company!

The Belong Club invites anyone to come and participate in the Belong Club Walking Group!

The route we will be walking in May will be along the pathway beside the Narrabeen Lagoon. We will walk from the Tramshed Arts and Community Centre to Jamieson Park and back. The route is 1.8km each way according to Google maps, and is estimated to take 45 minutes (see image attached).

As this Walking Group is new, we will be adjusting the walk speed and route based on participation and interest. Group members are also welcome to split off into smaller groups or even pairs to allow everyone to go at their preferred pace.

The aim here is for everyone to be included and to have an enjoyable walk.

Please register for the walks you want to participate in . See you in Narrabeen on Tuesday!

Meeting point details:

Meet outside the front door (glass double door) of the Tramshed Arts and Community Centre, 1395A Pittwater Rd, Narrabeen NSW 2101.

There will be a CCNB sign to help everyone come together.

A note about the weather:

It is important that you make your own decisions regarding your comfort and safety. This is particularly relevant to weather and walk suitability. For example, some might be comfortable walking in light rain with a rain jacket, others may be less comfortable due to the lower visibility or increased slipping hazard. In poor weather days there may only be one or two people who show up to complete that week’s walk. The decision to do the walk is left to personal choice.

However, if we meet up and decide that the walk will be no fun, the backup plan is to go for a coffee at a local cafe!

A note about Covid:

We seek to minimise possible transmission, whilst still facilitating an important, healthy outlet for connection. There will be masks and hand-sanitiser available and the choice is yours whether you wear a mask during the walk or not.

If you are uncomfortable meeting with others face to face right now, we encourage you to try some of the Belong Club’s online events, such as Monday’s Mindful Movement session or Thursday’s Gentle Exercise Class.

About Belong Club

We welcome you to join the Belong Club!

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The online component of the Belong Club offers increased accessibility to new and ongoing connections as part of a supportive online community, to sustain health and wellbeing.

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