Working from home is the new normal during COVID-19.

‘When Coronavirus changed the way we work …my heart sank….it sank because of the realisation that I would have to share the home office space with not just my other half, but also my adult son with a disability. As I left the work office for the last time I was overheard saying, “my husband will be lucky if I don’t put forth a petition to the Family Law Court”. Naturally, I was worried and just grabbing an opportunity in jest, however as they say, ‘never a truer word said in jest’.

This week marks the end of week 6 working from home, and I can testify that I have not yet made that petition.

So what has helped change my mindset? A memory notification popped up on my social media just last week reminding me of an event from 5 years ago. A huge vehicle accident had closed the Wakehurst Parkway due to a truck and a car colliding, meaning that the MVA had closed all arterial roads, in all directions. Traffic had built up for miles and miles and I recall how it was 7:00pm before I could leave the office, once all the backlog had been cleared.  So I reflected on this memory and thought how grateful I was that I currently now don’t have to travel for a 2 hour round car trip anymore, to and from work and I don’t have to pay for a tank and a half of fuel each week either. I am now able to spend more valuable time with my family. Working from home can bring improvements to our well-being, productivity and the environment. 

Whilst we are working in many respects alone from home, we can still connect with and have lots of support from our colleagues, just without the banter that one might have each time you pass a desk or in the hallway to the amenities. We can still work as a team just with less meetings and distractions. What hasn’t changed is my connection with the people in my community. We now connect for regular updates via Zoom chats, instead of face to face, which is working well and helps to still keep all our colleagues and customers up-to-date. It is business as usual, just different. Technology has helped to make the transition easier. Like with any change, it takes time. Time to not only get up to speed with new skills, like learning how to make Zoom video calls but also how to build a different kind of resilience where one doesn’t want to throw the computer out the window because internet connection is so slow.

Staying connected is so important at this time and we can do it from the safety of our home. As I reflect, even after all this change, I am lucky to be able to work from home and still have the support from my colleagues around me who are also committed to giving the best offering of service and support they can.

Be patient, be supportive, Stay Connected.