What we do: Robert’s Care Story

This is a short care story about how CCNB had the priviledge of helping someone through support co-ordination. The name, photo and some details have been changed to preserve the subject’s anonymity.

Robert has been accessing support coordination services through CCNB for a while.

Over the years, a multidisciplinary team have gathered to assist him on a day-to-day basis. Unfortunately, Robert has no family involved in his life to help. 

He has a mental health condition which makes his health fluctuate depending on whether he takes his medication regularly.

After a period of bad health, he was admitted to a nearby hospital in the middle of last year so he could be monitored and assisted by health professionals.

COVID restrictions were and challenge for many including Robert, who’s NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) services were suspended for months.

Our staff at CCNB resolved to waste no time planning how they could best assist Robert.

In the months during his stay at hospital, the hospital staff, his housing service, AOT (assertive outreach team) and NDIS supports were meeting at regular intervals to ensure care plans were in place once he was discharged.

After months of preparation, Robert was discharged from hospital and is now living in his new apartment.

After he was discharged, he was located to a new apartment where his trustee and guardian helped him purchase new furniture and equipment for his new residency. His NDIS support also made sure his Occupational Therapist, Behaviour clinician and Carers worked together collaboratively. We also increased his personal NDIS support to 7 days a week. In addition, his AOT continued to assist him with medication and medical appointments, and the hospital has worked with the Pathways to Community Living Initiative (PCLI) to monitor his condition and increase his wellbeing since being discharged.

Without the motivation, teamwork, and belief that Robert could go back to living independently in the community, none of this would be possible.

He’s been excited about these developments and is now enjoying his new apartment with staff assisting him daily. His situation still requires ongoing care but we’re so happy he’s made it this far.

Why we tell these stories

At CCNB, we care. Our focus is to support people, their families and carers to navigate the health and social care systems to access the services they require when they require them. CCNB aims to ensure that everyone gets the most out of life. We tell these stories to inspire people in need that support is available for them while also encouraging our community champions and volunteers to continue to benefit from opportunities to help others.

If you have any questions about our services or would like to join one of our programs to help make a difference in the community, contact us at ccnb@ccnb.com.au or 1300 002 262.