What to expect from new Aged Care Reforms

Article by Anna Buddo

Aged Care is going through a once in a generation reform to develop a “Support at Home” program. It responds to the Royal Commission into Aged Care, to ensure Senior Australians receive support when they need it. Currently, two main programs offer support to those over 65: The Commonwealth Home Support Program (CHSP), the basic entry-level Aged Care Program, and the Home Care Package program. The Aged Care reform aims to simplify receiving care by proposing a single system instead of these two programs. 

The reform will also develop a platform for Senior Australians to find care and pay for care at the point-of-service delivery. This platform will enable choice and control. Other reasons for the reforms include concerns that the way programs currently operate creates a high level of unspent funds.

The proposed key changes of the reform are:


This will be undertaken by an assessment team and not providers. It uses an integrated assessment tool developed to better match services to a person’s aged care support needs.

Support plan

Likely, the providers will no longer have any role in developing the support plan. The independent assessor will do these plans, who will outline the supports a person can receive

Multiple Providers

The new reform will enable you to choose multiple providers to deliver the support outlined in your support plan.

New Payment Platform 

The new payment platform will make it easier for Senior Australians to self-manage their care.

Alongside the Aged Care Reform, the Aged Care Act 1997 and the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission Act 2018 are being reviewed and combined. With the new laws, the focus will shift to the genuine needs of Senior Australians to enshrine their rights. The good thing about the new regulations is that the emphasis will shift to prioritising individuals’ care pathways rather than the capabilities of service providers.

If you’re a Senior Australian, it’s important that you have a say in the future of your care. 

Ways you can do this include:

1. Leading Aged Services Australia (LASA) is conducting a survey to enable you to have a say in the design of the Support at Home program. The survey link to provide to your home care-recipients is: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/SAHP_care-recipient 

2. Register on the Department of Health “engagement hub” where you can register your interest and have your say on how the reforms are delivered, at: www.agedcareengagement.health.gov.au

Have Questions?

We also have some fantastic upcoming events which address some of the nuances of the Aged Care system and explain these reforms. As part of our Health and Independence Series, we’ll be offering events with discussions on: the transition from CHSP to HCP, understanding MAC (My Aged Care), and understanding the Aged Care reforms. Visit www.ccnb.com.au/events to find out more.

Please let CCNB know if you have any questions and let us how we can support you to keep you up to date with the reforms. Contact us at ccnb@ccnb.com.au or talk to your care coordinator.