Ways to use your lived experience to help others  

When it comes to contributing to social change it can hard to be know where to start.

We often come across people with skills, lived experience and a desire to give back to the community, but who don’t know how they can help.

Because of this, we’re excited to highlight some of the opportunities we have at CCNB to empower people in our communities to make change.

These programs will enable you to find the support you need to help others and be part of cooperative efforts to make a difference locally.


At CCNB, we have a volunteer program aimed at helping people in our local community.

Within the Northern Beaches region we have contact with people who’re lonely or isolated due to family circumstance, mental or physical health or a disability and require some social support.

This social support program aims to link older individuals who are socially isolated with our Community Volunteers.

To find out more, read our article titled ‘Top 10 Questions about becoming a CCNB Community Volunteer’.

If you would like to find out more or become a CCNB volunteer email volunteers@ccnb.com.au or call our Volunteer Coordinator on 1300 002 262.

Click here to register for our volunteering program.

Become a Belong Club Community Champion

Our Belong Club program hosts a range of free weekly events, both online and in person to encourage community and connection.

These include exercise sessions, creative classes, speaker workshops and other events, which anyone in the community are welcome to join.

Our Community Champions are those who have committed to using their skills to run an event each week for the benefit of our Northern Beaches community.

If you have a passion for sharing your life with others and skills to share, and would like to make a difference by running an event that our clients and community might enjoy, get in touch with us at belongclub@ccnb.com.au.

Give Where you Live

Community Capital Foundation is a CCNB initiative focussed on fundraising community development initiatives.

Give Where you Live is the title of a workshop they frequently run to help participants identify their passions and give their time, treasure, talent and ties to the social issues they care about.

To find out more, visit https://communitycapitalfoundation.com.au/give-where-you-live/.

Stay Updated

One way to keep on the lookout for ways to benefit your community by participating in locally run programs is to follow us on social media. We’re always creating new ways to make local change. To stay up to date follow us on social media or visit our website for more information about our programs at ccnb.com.au.