Tiny new years resolutions to make the world better in 2022

As we wind down into the end of another year, most of us have hopefully found a few days to re-coup.

Beyond the tired aftermath of the hustle-and-bustle of Christmas, we often get a few days to ourselves.

Many are grateful to have Boxing day to the 28th off, and if you aren’t taking any leave we hope you get the chance to take some kind of break in December or January.

However you do it, taking time off is important for getting a chance to find new strength to face the year ahead.

And it’s in those moments, when we feel our strength for a new year slowly returning, that we get reflect on the year past.

Sometimes we even find the energy to inspire ourselves to do things better or differently ‘next-year-round’.

Maybe your new year’s resolutions are to save more money or get fit.  

Although sometimes we can’t really think of any new year’s resolutions at all.

This isn’t because we’re not able to, but that sometimes we forget, or need some fresh ideas.

And of course, when it comes to making new year’s resolutions, we’ve all made the mistake of biting off more than we can chew.

The same is true for our dreams to change the world.

There are so many problems in the world, and we can often feel so small.

This is why we’ve titled this article ‘Tiny new years resolutions to make the world better in 2022′ – it’s not helpful to make huge impractical goals.  

In fact, taking time to assess how much you can give in sustainable ways is what’s best for both yourself and others – if you burn out you’ll need help too, even if care is a sacrificial activity.

So we’ve put together some handy tips for you to make the world a slightly better place in 2022, we hope these spur your thoughts on making new years resolutions that make the world better without making you stressed-out.

  1. Situate yourself

Everyone has a suburb, a local community and a city they call home (in the geographical sense).

While there are lots of opportunities to make the world better abroad, there are bound to be local opportunities in your area also.

The importance of looking locally is that, if we ignore our local setting, we’re both unlikely to make an impact in our world in our day-to-day lives and local needs also aren’t most powerfully addressed.

So don’t forget to look for ways you can contribute as a local with members of your own neighbourhood to make change.

Do an internet search, check community boards or the local council website. You’re bound to find ways you can contribute to causes that help people around you – and this can benefit both you and those you’re helping in the longer term.

Tip: Websites like GoVolunteer.com.au are great places to find opportunities to care locally.

2. Define your self

No-one is suited to every kind of volunteering opportunity.

Maybe, for instance, you simply don’t feel like you have the skills or desire to help youth, whether because of bad experiences or because of your personality, and would prefer to visit the aged instead.

Being honest with yourself is important because when you enjoy volunteering you’re more likely to make the best impact possible.

You’re allowed to enjoy volunteering!

Your passion and enthusiasm for the type of volunteering you choose will in turn benefit others.

Because of this, define your personality, what you’re interested in and what area you’d be passionate about helping others in.

Despite this being more comfortable, you’ll still be presented with opportunities to be further equipped and grow in your capacity to help others in that field.

3. Search for a Co-op

Volunteering is best done with others.

While you might have done an online search and identified a need in your local area, it’s best to work alongside organisations so that support is provided in a coordinated way.

After all, when we join with other volunteers, we not only feel empowered but also have more people-power to make significant change.

Working together is also powerful because we have opportunities to be trained by those more experienced, which allows us to offer more detailed or highly sought after care for specific community needs.

Because of these reasons, make sure to find a coop, that is, a community group looking for volunteers that will be able to support you as you support others.

We hope you have a great 2022

With the power of positivity and the willingness to contribute to community goals we can all make a better world to live in together.

While sentiments like these can sometimes sound cliché, we often receive feedback from our community volunteers first-hand about how much being a contributor of social change benefits their lives, and others, for the better.

We hope these tips have helped you make some tiny new year’s resolutions, and we’ve also included some information about our volunteering program below incase you might be interested in volunteering with us.  

You’re welcome to volunteer with us

At CCNB, we have a volunteer program aimed at helping those isolated or without capacity in the local community.

Within the Northern Beaches region we have contact with people who’re lonely or isolated due to family circumstance, mental or physical health or a disability and require some social support.

This social support program aims to link older individuals who are socially isolated with our Community Volunteers.

To find out more, read our article titled ‘Top 10 Questions about becoming a CCNB Community Volunteer’.

If you would like to find out more or become a CCNB volunteer email volunteers@ccnb.com.au or call our Volunteer Coordinator on 1300 002 262.

Click here to register for our volunteering program.

Become a Belong Club Community Champion

Our Belong Club program hosts a range of free weekly events, both online and in person to encourage community, connection and capacity-building.

These include exercise sessions, creative classes, speaker workshops and other events, which anyone in the community are welcome to join.

Our Community Champions are those who have committed to using their skills to run an event each week for the benefit of our Northern Beaches community.

If you have a passion for sharing your life with others and would like to make a difference by running an event that our clients and community might enjoy, get in touch with us at belongclub@ccnb.com.au.