The joy of knitting

Knitting has been a part of my life for a long time. I was taught to knit when I was about 10yrs old  by my mother and my aunt who were both very crafty ladies. My first project was a blanket made out of squares, which took me forever to finish. When I was in my late teens, the knitting bug really bit me and I started to knit lace, mostly doylies, but eventually I knitted a table cloth for my Mum for Mother’s day.

While at school, most of my classmates and I were knitting jumpers, even in class. At our graduation the room was decorated with the assorted finished garments. However, once I left school and started working, knitting was well and truly put on the back burner for me.  I took a long break from knitting while I was traveling the world and working in hospitality. Then once I had my children I once again picked up many hobbies, including jewellery making and quilting. I would knit little bits here and there, but nothing really notable for a long time. Then in 2017 finding more ways to put the ‘pro’ in procrastination, I found Ravelry, the biggest website for patterns and groups for people who like to work with fibre. I bought my first digital pattern and have been hooked ever since. Now about 40 projects later, I am still knitting and crafting.

When Covid 19 lock down started I was approached by CCNB to create a
Z-knitting group, an online virtual knitting group, to connect people with a common passion to knit squares to make a blanket for ‘Wraps of Love’, helping those in need this winter. It has been the most enjoyable project. Once we were all online and knitting it was so much fun meeting everyone. We even had one member of our group knitting with us whilst she was on the bus for one session! Our Z-knitting group has approx. 20 members during lockdown and the talking, laughing, sharing and of course the knitting has just flowed. I consider knitting as my own personal therapy, because I can clear my mind through the repetitive movements, be calm and enjoy what I produce with the help of two sticks and some wool and I have loved bonding with others that feel the same way or have started their own knitting again and will hopefully continue to do so.

Please take a look at our virtual blanket that we have been knitting together from our homes, we are all very proud of the work we have put in for the ‘Wraps of Love’ project.

Written by Angela a Care Coordinator at CCNB