Stay Well, Stay Connected

The current local pandemic requires local support and coordination. CCNB is here to help. We support 2,000 people and their families at any one time and that support is about to ramp up. If you are a current CCNB client and want to find out more please read below or call us on 1300 002 262.

Get Informed
There is so much information out there , sometimes it is hard to know where to turn to. We are relying on federal, state and local government websites and telephone hotlines for the most up to date information. Our team is up to date with all the service delivery needs, government announcements and local closures.

Stay Well and Stay connected is CCNB’s local response to the global pandemic. Our first priority is your care. That’s why one of our team will be contacting you and completing a Stay Well, Stay Connected plan over the telephone. This should take no more than ten minutes and will capture information from you or your Carer about what you are worried about and how we can help. Our team is one phone call or one email away.

You can expect to hear from the CCNB team regularly, but you should always feel free to connect via email or contact us.

Staying Well, Staying Connected Plan
All the good advice from government and health care leaders is to take all reasonable steps to plan and to keep well. That’s why CCNB wants to help you plan. The plan is about keeping you well and connected. It also gives you the opportunity to tell us what you need us to do in case you get unwell. One of the team will contact you over the next few weeks. But if you want to complete your plan earlier, please call us at anytime on 1300 002 262.

Community Members
For anyone else living in the Northern Sydney or Northern Beaches communities, connect with us at any time if you need information, advice and guidance. To find out more about how we are offering a Care Navigation service to anyone who needs it, click here

CCNB Community Volunteers
We need your help to get the Northern Sydney and Northern Beaches communities, Volunteer Ready! CCNB believes that kindness and community will make the difference at this difficult and challenging time.

To Volunteer and get involved in CCNB’s Community organising, click here