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A dementia diagnosis does not mean you have to give up the things that you love or enjoy. It may mean making some changes in your life to make everyday living easier and help you achieve a sense of control.

CCNB has been providing memory loss care advice for more than 22 years.  We are highly regarded for our expertise and are recommended by health professionals.

As memory loss specialists, we not only really understand memory loss and dementia and its impact on an individual, their partners, family and friends. We know how to link you to the best support services.

If you or someone you know, is experiencing memory loss, we can provide support in this journey and assist you to maintain independence at home.

Dementia care advisory service

Our Dementia Advisory Service aims to support people with dementia and their carers to manage the changes that dementia brings. Our comprehensive range of advice, information and support services will assist you to:

  • better understand the symptoms and different stages of dementia
  • how best to support a person with dementia so they can continue to lead active, meaningful lives
  • understand how to prevent and support complex and challenging behaviours
  • navigate the aged care service environment and utilise appropriate dementia specific support services.

Your local Dementia Advisor can provide advice and help you find the dementia support that you need. You can contact the Northern Sydney Dementia Advisor by telephone on 1300 002 262 or by email


Funded by the Australian Government, CCNB’s Dementia Advisory Service is currently available in the Northern Sydney region. You are eligible for the service if you live in the region, are aged 65 years or above, and caring for someone or living with dementia.


We accept referrals from consumers (directly via self-referral), community service providers and healthcare professionals. Alternatively you can contact My Aged Care a government portal established by the Australian Government.


Fees to access our Dementia Advisory Service are based on your income and eligibility for government-funded subsidies. We also offer privately funded support for those not eligible for government subsidies.

Talk to us

If you need any dementia advice or support for yourself or your loved one, call our Dementia Advisor on 1300 002 262 or email Your information will be kept strictly confidential, and of course it is free*.

How we approach dementia care

Our dementia care model involves working with individuals with dementia, their partner and family, to build environments that support them to live with meaning and dignity. Our way of working has a focus on support of the individual capacities and interests of the person with dementia. We offer information, resources and specialist assistance to meet individual needs, as well as those of their family carers.

CCNB provides a range of services and programs to support people experiencing memory loss or dementia, and their carers/families:

Other Dementia Support Services


Information for people with dementia and their carers. Northern Sydney Local Health District  Dementia Services Directory.

Social support

CCNB works together with people who have memory loss and their carers/families to identify. We find solutions to some of the challenges or risks that present due to the person’s memory loss. We provide unobtrusive social support and monitoring that reflects the needs and interests of the person with memory loss. And we assist them to remain living, as safely and independently as possible, in their home.

Respite for carers

Respite for a person caring for someone with memory loss who may be exhibiting challenging behaviours can be effective in providing refreshment. In partnership with the carer,  we arrange specialised, dementia-trained care staff to support the person in their home, or in the community. For example, on an outing or through other community activities. We support the person with dementia and their carer to obtain community services they may otherwise be unable to access due to the person’s behaviours.


Dementia Information Seminars

We provide regular dementia information seminars. Feel free to contact us to find out when our seminars will be held.

Dementia Cafe

CCNB hosts a number of Dementia Cafe community groups throughout the Northern Sydney region. Members of our Dementia Cafes are people experiencing the challenges of living with dementia or caring for a friend or family member of someone with dementia. We meet regularly on a monthly basis. Participants talk, laugh, learn something new and make new friends. We understand what each other is going through. It’s free to attend. Contact our Dementia Advisor by email at or by telephone on 1300 002 262 if you would like to attend.


My dad passed away in January at our home. I had been looking after him here for 8 years and know he is now in a better place. I am still coming to terms with missing him. He was such a lovely man. The group you have formed is very much needed out here on the northern beaches.

Courageous Carers Course

Courageous Carers is course for taking control and taking care of you! The course identifies the phases of caring that most carers go through, and provides information, support and resources.The Courageous Carers course aims to break down common feelings of isolation and fear by providing a map of what other carers have gone through. If you are a carer, you may feel your own needs get lost in the caring role. You may feel you need support and don’t know where to turn. It’s always a relief to know you’re not alone.

Whether you are a spouse, partner, child, sibling or friend – this course will give you the support you need.

Contact us to register your interest in this course.

Courageous Carers – A course for taking control and taking care of you

*Funded by the Australian Government Department of Social Services. Visit the Department of Social Services website ( for more information.



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