ccnb.are care coordinators experienced and qualified in aged care, disability, dementia, health and mental health professionals who can work closely with individuals, and their carers and families, to ensure they receive the right care, at the right place, at the right time and by the right person.


ccnb. specialises in care coordination. From as much or as little as is needed, our professional staff use a collaborative approach that enables as much independence as possible.

What is Care Coordination?

Care coordination is a collaborative process of assessment, planning, facilitation and advocacy for services that meet an individual’s needs. Care coordination (or implementation) is the execution of the specific activities and interventions that are necessary for accomplishing the agreed goals within person’s care plan

Care coordination can be short term (e.g. person experiences a crisis or a transition in their life), episodic (e.g. person has a chronic disease), or long term (e.g. person has dementia) and is often collaborative (working together with other services).

The premise of care coordination is that it is:

  1. Client centred – leads and facilitates client-centred services in collaboration with a provider (agency) and the payer (funding body).
  2. Evidenced based – uses the most contemporary, relevant and reliable evidence.
  3. Holistic – practices within general socioeconomic, cultural and environmental conditions.
  4. Inclusive – complies with the appropriate professional standards
  5. Strengths-based – concentrates on the inherent strengths, skills and aptitudes of the client, as opposed to their deficits, and promotes self efficacy.


What are the benefits of a care coordinator?

The benefits of using a CCNB care coordinator are:

  • having an expert working for you who has extensive and current knowledge of local services and the support system;
  • using an independent advisor you can trust who has no vested interest in which organisations you choose to deliver your supports; and
  • having an unbiased advisor who is intent on building your capacity for independence, provide better supports and help you get the most out of the NDIS.

Do you need care coordination?

Care coordination is for those who require assistance to strengthen their abilities to connect to and coordinate informal, mainstream and funded services and supports in a complex service delivery environment. This includes resolving points of crisis, developing capacity and resilience in my network and coordinating services and supports from a range of sources. For example, do you:

  • need to liaise with multiple services due to your complex needs?
  • have complexities in your family situation?
  • have complex health/medical challenges?
  • have high staffing ratios?
  • experience significant barriers to connecting with services?
  • require help to fully implement my NDIS plan?
  • require assistance to be linked to providers who can improve my connection to the community?
  • require someone to help me coordinate my complex care services? or
  • need services to develop positive ways to understand my behaviour challenges?

CCNB care coordinators have extensive skills and experience and we’re here to support you!

ccnb. care coordinators possess qualifications and experience that ensures the best quality care for people living with disability, frail ageing, mental illness or other health issue, and their carers.

ccnb. care coordinators work across programs, with a range of specific skills and areas of expertise. We employ staff with a range of allied health, community and public health qualifications, including Nursing, Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Rehabilitation, Social Work, and Community Development.




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