The Seasons Program – Suicide Prevention and Recovery

The Seasons Program is a suicide prevention program commissioned by the Sydney Northern Primary Health Network. The program exists to support any person living in the Northern Sydney Region who has attempted suicide.

The evidence suggests that people are most at risk immediately following an initial suicide attempt. The Seasons Program has been designed to engage with a person in the first 12 weeks following an attempted suicide. Our focus is to help coordinate support and ensure ongoing safety whilst the person is on their recovery journey.

Emotional, clinical and practical support is delivered by various partners and all support is coordinated by the Seasons Team. The Seasons Team works with everyone involved to ensure there is constant communication during each step of the recovery process.

To find our more call 1300 000 125 or email

When Leah* was referred to The Seasons Program she was unable to talk with severe depression. She had attempted suicide within her own home, and as a result broke her foot.

The Seasons Program Team worked with Leah on her journey to recovery over 12 weeks. In the beginning Leah was very reluctant to have The Seasons Program Team involved with her care, she would often tell the team to leave and not to visit or call her.

Over time Leah felt she could trust The Seasons Program Team and began to open up. Together they worked on setting goals and linking Leah into formal and informal support services and the team supported Leah to achieve these goals.

Leah has just exited the program after 12 weeks and has now returned to work, returned to singing and performing in a band, walking and meditating daily.

The Seasons Program Team have received positive feedback for their work with Leah from the hospital Social Worker … “thank you so much for your commitment, ability and flexibility working with Leah and the contact I have had with you via my position in the hospital”.

Leah continues to have regular monthly appointments with her psychologist and psychiatrist but has told the team she is feeling fantastic.

* The name has been changed to protect the privacy of the individual.

George* was referred to The Seasons Program by his psychologist following a suicide attempt last year. He had been homeless for over 18 months, and was struggling to find accommodation, support and income.

The Seasons Program Team supported George to connect with Housing NSW / Link housing and a housing advocate. The team provided regular face to face and phone support, encouraged George to finish his TAFE course (providing him with access to a laptop) and access to house sitting websites for interim accommodation.

In collaboration with his psychologist, the team worked on safety planning for times of crisis and goal setting for the future.

George was offered a property from Link Housing at the end of last year and has moved in. The Seasons Program Team assisted him by purchasing a mattress and encouraging him through the difficult process of moving. The Seasons Program Team have linked him with food services and welfare assistance. George has also graduated from his TAFE course and is actively looking for work.

George reports hope for the future, and a chance to start again.

We are currently linking him in with a local mental health service and employment services, but will be concluding our support in the very near future, with great confidence that George will continue to pursue wellbeing, and achieve his goals.

* The name has been changed to protect the privacy of the individual.