Should Support Coordination be separate from Service Delivery?

The NDIS continues to evolve and all our work should continue to be driven by the needs and wants of participants. Whilst service providers have needs and without them, the NDIS will not succeed, the end game is participatory lifestyles of choice for people with disability.

Support Coordination is meant to support those participants with complex care needs who need support to set up their plan, assess their options and choose their service. A service provider who provides multiple services under the NDIS cannot, hand on heart claim to provide an independent and impartial Support Coordination service to participants. In fact for many service providers, their strategy of offering Support Coordination was driven by their want to gate keep and usher participants into their own services.

The NDIA should revert to their original position and only allow independent providers deliver Support Coordination. It’s the best and fairest option for participants and their families.