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We want your feedback!

This brochure and feedback form explains how to make a complaint, provide a compliment or give us feedback. More about complaints, compliments and feedback here.

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Hoarding Support Services

Hoarding Support Services (PDF)

This brochure explains how we can help people experiencing symptoms of Hoarding Disorder or living in squalor as a result of severe and persistent mental illness.

Dementia/Memory Loss Monitoring Service

Dementia Monitoring Service (PDF)

This brochure explains our Dementia/Memory Loss Monitoring Service, which provides a regular contact for people with memory loss living alone.


Five Steps to Entry into an Aged Care Home




Five Steps to Entry into an Aged Care Home (PDF)

This booklet aims to help older people, families and carers understand the process for moving into an aged care home. It outlines five steps to follow and what to do at each step.

Five Steps to Accessing Home Care Package



Five-steps-to-accessing-home-care-package (PDF)

This booklet information to help consumers, and their family and carers, understand the process for taking up a government-funded home care package. The booklet explains how older people with a range of high care needs can assess support in their home, through a coordinated home care package.



How the Government’s Service Centre, My Aged Care, can assist older people to access information on aged care




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