Peter Kenyon – Asset Based Community Development Workshop 2019

Thank you to all that attended Peter Kenyon’s Workshop in November 2019. We received positive feedback about the session and requests to share information from the workshop.

Bringing Community Assets to Life – CCNB’s Approach to Community Building

CCNB believes that the answer to any challenge lies with community. If we all just care enough, know how to connect and act enough then we can do anything.

Our approach is based on Asset Based Community Development (ABCD), a model originally developed by John McKnight and John Kretzman. 

This means CCNB;

1.  Focuses on community assets and strengths rather than problems and needs

2. Identifies and mobilises individual and community assets, skills and passions

3. Is community driven – “building communities from inside out”

4. Is relationship driven – mobilising relationships to unlock our potential 


Creating a Deeper Sense of Community Building Through Asset-Based Community Driven Efforts (ABCDE)
Sydney Presentation link (currently has Perth title but has Sydney powerpoint)

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