Over 65s

At CCNB we know that staying well and healthy, finding enjoyment, learning and participating in community, is not only possible, but essential in later life.

Sometimes life throws a few challenges our way and staying healthy, happy and safe at home means accepting some help, care and support. CCNB believes there is no one size fits all – rather a range of options that allows people to make the right choice, at the right time. CCNB provides independent and impartial information, advice and guidance to over 65's to support them to make choices about their health, care and support.

Aged Care

At CCNB, we have worked to inform our customers of the new Charter of Aged Care Rights, which took effect from 1 July 2019 for older people receiving Australian Government funded Aged Care. Click here to view a video explanation of the Charter of Aged Rights.

Please call CCNB Care Navigators if you want more information on the new Charter of Aged Care Rights on 1300 002 262.

CCNB’s Wellness and Reablement Approach

Research confirms what most of us have known for a while “ ..use it or lose it”. Our focus on wellness and reablement is based on worldwide research that proves that improvement in function, independence and quality of life for older people is possible through a reablement and wellness approach to care and support. Our goal is to support you to maximise your independence and assist you to remain in your home.

Our approach is to start off by looking at what you can do, as opposed to what you cannot do. We think healthy is normal, even as we age and our approach is to link you to services that keep you healthy and active.

The kinds of services and support that CCNB can link you to include:

65+ Aged Care participant receiving support

House work - supporting you to clean your home

Shopping - getting out and about to do your shopping or run your errands

Transport - linking you to transport to get you to appointments, visit friends or family

Personal care and grooming - Supporting you to be independent with basic living tasks

Respite - giving carers a break from their caring role

Gardening - including lawn mowing and planting your vegetable garden

Podiatry - healthy feet means a healthier you

Social Connection - linking you to people who can take you out, enjoy community activities, do things you used to enjoy all over again

People over the age of 65 (or over 50 if you are Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander) can seek support from CCNB. Our role is to facilitate access to entitlements and services that can help you get the most out of life.

  • Home Care Packages

    Bundled, consumer-directed care options for approved people. A Home Care Package is a subsidy issued from the government to help over 65's to stay at home. Your Home Care Package can be used to help pay for your needs in whatever way you want. CCNB does not provide direct services. Instead we work with you to support you to make decisions about your health and social care based on your individual needs, circumstances and interests.
    Find out more about the Home Care Pricing.

  • Dementia Advisory Service

    Our skilled and experienced Dementia Consultant supports older people to live well with dementia to ensure they get the most out of life. Support is delivered via telephone, e-mail and through events.
    Find out more about the Dementia Advisory Service.

  • GP Social Work Program

    The GP Social Work Program is a hospital avoidance program supporting older people to stay well and healthy in their chosen community.
    Find out more about the GP Social Work Program.

  • Care Navigation Service

    Our team of expert Care Navigators are here to provide trusted and impartial information, advice and guidance via telephone and e-mail support. We aim to make it easier for people to access and understand the local health and social care system so they can make appropriate care choices.
    Contact our Care Navigator Team.

  • Belong Club

    Welcome to the Belong Club, a CCNB initiative designed to establish and foster connections in our community. Through activities, experiences and knowledge sharing, Belong Club brings together anyone looking to learn something new or to meet more like-minded people. Each week we will announce new activities that welcome everyone and anyone. Find out about The Belong Club.

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