More than just a volunteer!

During the last few months, whilst we have been behind the scenes connecting volunteers with clients in our community, beautiful friendships and connections have been blossoming. We love hearing stories like Betty’s and Melissa’s. For Betty, having a regular visit from a CCNB Community Volunteer and her well-behaved dog, has brought so much happiness to Betty’s life!

Melissa CCNB Community Volunteer
I have had the pleasure of meeting Betty, a delightful 85 year old lady who lives close by. I often call in with my dog Arlo, who she absolutely adores. The smile he brings to her face is priceless. Betty loves to read so our discussions are often about crime and thrillers we have both enjoyed. She tells me it keeps her mind active, although I believe she has a sharp intellect and is very much up with current affairs. I find her so interesting to talk with and always look forward to our conversations.

Betty who Melissa visits
Betty said it was wonderful to have Melissa come and visit her and bring Arlo her lovely dog. Betty she wishes she could have a dog like him as she used to have a labradoodle herself. She said both Melissa and herself are good readers and when I asked if they talk about books they read she said “of course we do!”  She said she is “so grateful” for all the girls who come to help her.

Thank you to our wonderful CCNB Community Volunteers for helping us deliver friendship, connection and joy to so many in the community! 

Stay Well, Stay Connected.