Mental Health

At CCNB, we assist people living with a mental illness and their families by providing independent information, advice and guidance to people who want and need access to the health and social care systems.

  • How we Help Mental Health - The Way Back Support Service

    The Way Back Support Service (The Way Back) was developed by Beyond Blue and is designed to support people who have recently experienced a suicidal crisis or attempted suicide. The Way Back provides non-clinical, practical support in the community for up to three months. Participation is voluntary and support is guided by your needs. CCNB is the commissioned Way back Support Service for the Northern Sydney Region. We work in collaboration with all hospitals, community health teams and local GP’s to support people who have presented to hospital following a suicide attempt. Find out more about The Way Back Service.

  • Wings of Hope - Suicide Postvention

    WINGS of Hope supports people and their communities that are bereaved by suicide, by reducing isolation and preventing harm. It provides resources, linkages and direct support, and is especially focused on children and families bereaved by suicide. Additionally, WINGS of Hope facilitates and manages support groups and hosts events to enable adults with a lived experience of suicide, to develop connections and reduce isolation. Working closely with front line professionals WINGS of Hope is also focussed on reducing the risks of vicarious trauma. WINGS of Hope has an expanding network of people with professional expertise and lived of experience of suicide. Together, we offer care navigation and support services that provides information, advice and guidance when people need it most. We also assist with practical supports, such a funeral arrangements, providing assistance with daily living (such as child care, shopping, etc.), comfort by talking to family members, access to counselling, liaising with the police, as well as assisting with managing legal issues.

    Call: 02 9998 2970

  • GP Social Work Program

    Our GP Social Work Program is a hospital avoidance program supporting you to stay well and healthy in your chosen community. Working with General Practitioners (GPs) we support you to navigate the care system and access the care and support you need to get the most out of life.
    Find out more about the GP Social Work Program.

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