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Making your Home Care Package work for you

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Once you’ve been advised that you have been offered a Government subsidised Home Care Package, it’s time to relax and to take advantage of the many options for support you can now receive.

You will want to make sure things run smoothly, and that you get the most out of your Package. And that’s where CCNB can help. We can assist you with:

  • choosing your new home care service provider
  • knowing how to work with your provider
  • understanding your Home Care Package Monthly Statement and keeping an eye on your finances
  • knowing your rights and responsibilities, and
  • making sure you’re getting value for money.

Call one of our friendly care navigators on 1300 002 262 for free, independent information and advice on finding ad choosing your support services.

How does a Home Care Package work?

Older people needing assistance with things like shopping, cleaning, gardening, bathing, transport or physiotherapy are able to receive subsidised government support at home.

A Home Care Package is a subsidy older people are offered to obtain the support services they need to live independently at home. The Home Care Package subsidy has four levels.

CCNB Home Care Packages are ‘consumer directed’. This means if you choose CCNB to manage your Home Care Package, you can choose any support service you need and want, rather than being given a limited range of services. Consumer direction at CCNB means much more than just choosing from a list of services. You can ask for things not on the list, as long as they would help you live independently, safely and well.

At CCNB, our customers are able to utilise their Home Care Packages in many ways. You can have your home regularly cleaned and your garden maintained. You can obtain assistance with shopping, transportation, visiting family or friends or attend social events. You can access podiatry, occupational therapy or exercise therapy services. We have customers who have used their package to access Internet services, home modifications or towards the purchase of a vehicle. The list is endless.

At CCNB we cater for those who speak other languages and have cultural needs.

We are specialists in providing care and support for people with dementia or memory loss.

How much subsidy does the Government offer in a Home Care Package?

There are four levels of subsidy available in a Home Care Package (rates as at February 2017):

  • Level 1 – for people with basic care needs $8,045 p.a.
  • Level 2 – for people with low-level care needs $14,633 p.a.
  • Level 3 – for people with intermediate care needs $32,171 p.a.
  • Level 4 – for people with high-level care needs $48,906 p.a.

The subsidy is paid fortnightly to CCNB who manages your package on your behalf.

Why are CCNB’s Home Care Package management fees so low?

The following is our fee to manage your Home Care Package subsidy. You don’t pay for these fees out of your own pocket, instead we deduct these your Commonwealth Government Home Care Package subsidy. All Approved Service Providers charge fees for managing a Home Care Package – and we are among the lowest in the marketplace.

Home Care Package Level 1 $1,800 p.a.
Home Care Package Level 2 $3,900 p.a.
Home Care Package Level 3 $4,800 p.a.
Home Care Package Level 4 $4,800 p.a. .

Most providers expect you to pay an Basic Care Fee out of your own pocket for your Home Care Package. The Government recommends this fee to be 17.5% of the aged care pension (or $141.10 per fortnight). But CCNB is very flexible when it comes to how much you have to pay out-of-pocket. Our fees are among the lowest in the market, and if your care needs are covered by the Home Care Package subsidy you receive, you will not need to pay a basic care fee. Note that any Income Tested Care Fee will still apply.


Why are CCNB Home Care Packages so different?

CCNB is very different from other Home Care Package providers, in that we don’t hire care workers directly, instead we contract out to a wide range of home care agencies who provide care workers. We only work the best ones. Our customers are able to choose any home care agency that best meets their needs, and we can organise this arrangement at the best price. Our customers choose the agency that the wish. This offers you the greatest choice and control over how your Home Care Package is spent. It might be that your mother would like to continue with her current care workers? If so, we can work with the agency or individuals on our contracting out basis.

What does my Home Care Package Management fee give me?

CCNB’s Home Care Package Management Fee covers:

  • Preparation of a Care Plan and Care Plan Budget – prepared in consultation, with the budget based on the Home Care Package Level.
  • A professional Aged Care Advisor and Care Coordinator – who can be called at any time and who is in regular contact to monitor whether our customer’s requirements are being met
  • Financial management of your Home Care Package and a monthly statement summary of the status of the Home Care Package budget
  • Accountability via financial reconciliations and reporting to government on the management of the Home Care Package subsidy

Our customer’s are reassured to know that if a service isn’t satisfactory at any time, we can source another care worker or home care agency quickly and easily. We have high quality standards and large purchasing power, which ensures you will receive the very best service.

How do I find local home care services?

Call one of our friendly care navigators on 1300 002 262 for free, independent information and advice on finding and choosing your support services.


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