Loneliness and Isolation

End Loneliness Campaign

CCNB knows that loneliness does not discriminate and that social isolation and loneliness is a major public health issue.

That’s why CCNB is working with others to build communities that tackle social isolation and loneliness.

Our local campaign is focussed on;

  1. Raising awareness, collecting data, sharing information, talking about social isolation and understanding who is most at risk of loneliness;

  2. Delivering a range of services and support that ‘flattens the social isolation and loneliness curve’ such as;

  • Stay Well, Stay Connected Volunteer Program;
  • Community Companions Program;
  • Community Visitors Scheme;
  • Social Prescription Service;
  • Care Navigation;
  • Mind YourSelf©, Carer Wellbeing and Support Program;
  • Chatter Cino; Social Connection for people with dementia and their Carers

 3. Working with others to build and fund better responses for those at risk

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Want to be part of the solution?
Facts on Loneliness and Isolation from CCNB
Dr. Michele Lim Fact Sheet  - Loneliness & Social Isolation