Laughter is the best medicine!

Living with hoarding disorder has it’s challenges. Sometimes challenges bring loads of funny stories that people who acquire like to share. Jane (name has been changed) is a local woman who has been living with hoarding disorder for many years. Aisha, CCNB’s specialist Hoarding Advisor connected with Jane to complete a Stay Well Stay Connected Plan – aimed at supporting all CCNB clients throughout this global pandemic. Jane’s response has us all laughing with her.

Jane admitted that one of her behaviours over time has been to accumulate excessive quantities of loo paper. She was describing (in a very jovial tone) her increasing levels of discomfort that related to observing her stash slowly diminish (she is down to about 100 rolls now). She was also talking about her escalating anxiety in relation to not being able to easily replenish her supplies. She has recently been accepted onto the Woolies ‘special needs’ home delivery list of customers and acknowledged that she finds great delight/comfort/humor in being able to have included in her weekly delivery just one single roll of loo paper.

Jane and Aisha were able to laugh together openly and she decided to then steer the conversation to talk about how, with the onset of the global health crisis, she may be able to better sit with psychological discomfort/feelings of anxiety associated with letting go of possessions. She said she also felt that perhaps change that is out of her control may assist her to become more resilient and grow as an individual.