Connected Carers

Staying connected to people is one of the biggest challenges people with dementia and their families can have. Social isolation occurs as result of people feeling challenged with fast paced conversations and noise and so often they retreat.

People who have known each other a long time report a real sense of loss and grief caused by the changes that dementia brings to their friend or family member and the impact that has on their own social life and personal relationships.

Connecting with groups of people who are strangers can be a major first step for some of us to take as it’s often hard to go out and talk to new people and find the time. However meeting people who are experiencing similar circumstances can help you feel like you are not alone.
Alzheimer’s Australia reports that research shows that remaining socially, cognitively and physically active can actually help slow the progression of dementia and help with depression and anxiety.

Please contact CCNB Dementia Consultant about our upcoming Connected Carers program as we are seeking your feedback and advice on how we can best support you.

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