Hannah’s letter to CCNB

To Whom it May Concern,

I would like to give some feedback on my participation in The Seasons Program and in particular to thank Kerry Gleeson for her tremendous support.

I first met with Kerry late last year, having been referred by Partners in Recovery. Prior to this time I was not aware that such services were available and from my past experience, knowing others in similar circumstances and how I have benefited from the support I have received, I can say that such services are of critical importance and value to people with significant mental health problems.

Prior to being a part of The Seasons Program I was at a point where I had little hope for my recovery after suffering from severe depression, anxiety and an eating disorder since my teenage years. The thought that my daily life would always be dominated by these conditions was unbearable, especially since this seemed the absolute truth. My difficulties were having a severe effect on my family relationships, which were my only real support, becoming some what estranged from them during the time I was in contact with The Seasons Program.

Now I do have some hope. I am so relieved and thankful to say that I now have some good days and through Kerry’s referral to the Warekila program I am on the way to having a stable and secure living situation and working towards recommencing my studies, getting casual work and being on the way to completing my university degree. Not long ago these things seemed impossible.

I am very fortunate to have had access to other support during this time. However, being able to contact Kerry during the last few months has helped me to navigate some personally challenging circumstances and remain positive that things could work out. Kerry helped me to navigate the resources available, of which I was not aware and gave me the confidence to seek support from services when I needed them. This is something that was very difficult for me, which she quickly recognised and guided me with. Kerry was also in ongoing contact with me, checking in with how I was going. Previously I had felt isolated, found it difficult to reach out and like I had no options available to me, other than persisting with a situation which was exacerbating my illness. But with her encouragement I was able to take steps out of this situation which I think is a big step forward for me.

It is difficult to communicate the benefits I have gained as although these things are of huge value to me, it is often the day to day struggles with minor things that really add up and end up seeming insurmountable. Community services like The Seasons Program therefore can provide one of the greatest benefits to people in my situation and seem to be scarce. So it is my hope that you will consider my feedback enough and enable services such as The Seasons Program to be strengthened and reach more people needing support.

Kind Regards,


The Seasons Program is a suicide prevention program commissioned by the Sydney Northern Primary Health Network. The program exists to support any person living in the Northern Sydney Region who has attempted suicide.
Emotional, clinical and practical support is delivered by various partners and all support is coordinated by the Seasons Team. The Seasons Team works with everyone involved to ensure there is constant communication during each step of the recovery process.
To find our more call 1300 000 125 or email seasons@ccnb.com.au

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