Giving time and kindness…our Community Volunteers.

“I’m really touched by how good people are” – Profiling Cate Archibald, Community Programme Coordinator at CCNB

Our new profile series aims to provide insight into what motivates CCNB’s staff to help others get the most out of life.

Cate Archibald, Community Programme Coordinator, has been working at CCNB since October 2018. She comes from a background as a Support Coordinator for the NDIS and previously managed a disability centre. Responsible for coordinating community and volunteer programs at CCNB, Cate likes to spend her time outside of work with her family, and swimming in the ocean with friends.

Cate likes that her programs help people learn about their options by talking openly about subjects that are otherwise taboo. “There are so many options that people don’t know about” when it comes to aged care, mental health, and preparations for death.

It’s the positive stories that come out of these programs that excite Cate the most about her role. There are around 130 CCNB volunteers who are directly connected with another member in the community. “It has blown my mind how generous people are with their time and their spirits. It’s easy for people with a lot of money to just give financially to causes rather than giving an hour of your time every single week. Everyone’s busy, so that commitment really shows people’s generosity to help.”

Impact of COVID-19
While Cate said the pandemic and changing restrictions have “certainly been a challenge”, the volunteers have continued to give their time to others, whether that’s buying groceries, spending (socially distanced) time with community members, or helping out in other ways. “I think what we’re doing is a really good thing.”

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Photographed is Sissy, our wonderful community volunteer and Kevin, who have become great friends over the last year.