For more than 21 years, CCNB has helped thousands of vulnerable people living in Northern Sydney. Those who are frail elderly, at risk of becoming homeless, or living with significant disability, mental illness or dementia, as well as their families and carers.

We believe that with assistance and support, most people can remain living with dignity in their own homes, and stay connected to their family and community.

Our mission is to help everyone get the most out of life.

CCNB is a registered charity and complies with, all requirements of the Commonwealth Government Australian Charities and Not-for-Profit Commission (ACNC) – the independent national regulator of charities. Donations over $2 are tax deductible.

The government  funds many programs that support people in our community, but many are unable to access this support and they fall through the gap. The health, disability and aged care systems are complex and difficult to navigate, and this is where CCNB knowledge and expertise is able to help. We assist the most vulnerable in our community to find and receive the support they need.

We rely on people like you to donate to continue our vital work in the community. Your financial support will mean that more vulnerable people can get the help they need and get the most out of life.

For your convenience, tax deductible donations can be made via credit card or your PayPal account. Simply click on the Donate button. Alternatively you can use this Donation Form to make a donation via bank deposit, credit card or cheque. Simply complete the Donation Form and return it to us via email, fax or mail, details are on contact us.

Donate online now:

or download and complete the Donation Form:

Donation Form

Government funding is not enough

The government funding CCNB receives is for specific programs. However, government funding does not meet all the needs of our community, particularly people with complex needs. We rely on generous donations to be able to continue to support those most vulnerable in our community.

Many people who need support to remain living at home, do not fit “neatly” into any one category or program. For example, someone may be living with a disability and be from a culturally diverse background, or may be an older carer of someone who is living with a mental illness, and find it difficult to access the support they need.

For that reason, we work across the range of needs and sectors, and bring together programs, packages and services to address individual goals and circumstances.

Established in 1994, CCNB is a not for profit, non-religious organisation. We support older people and those living with disability, mental or chronic illness and dementia, along with their family and carers.

How to donate

There are different ways to give and all gifts over $2 are tax deductible.

  1. Donate via paypal, credit card and EFT.
  2. Make a gift to honour or memorialise a loved one, designate a gift or dedicate an item or asset to a specific area of need.
  3. Planned giving is an opportunity to leave a legacy that benefits your heirs and the people CCNB helps. Options include bequests, life-income gifts like trusts or annuities, fits of life insurance, real estate and retirement plans.
  4. Bequest - leave a gift in your will. Find out more about bequests
  5. Payroll giving is a simple, tax effective way to manage a regular contribution. Your generous contribution comes out of your pay before any tax is deducted. For more information about giving through your pay, talk to your HR department or contact us.

How to make a bequest

The best way to arrange your gift is to speak with a solicitor. They can ensure your estate is distributed in a way that meets your wishes. Your solicitor can also create a Will for you or update your existing Will to include a gift to CCNB. If you don’t already have a solicitor, the Law Council of Australia website will be able to help you. Or contact us for more information on (02) 9998 2900 (Mon – Fri, 8.30am – 4.30pm) or by email at

Can I leave a gift to CCNB as part of my Will?

Yes.  Leaving a gift in your Will to CCNB will help us continue to provide quality services to support older people, people with a disability, a mental illness or dementia, and the carers of those people. Our work is particularly important for the most vulnerable in our community, who can fall through the gaps of standard programs as they are not eligible for, or find it difficult to access services due to their complex needs.

That’s where CCNB comes in. We specialise in complex cases, and work across many local care organisations to pull together the right service, at the right time to respond to a client’s needs, so they can continue to live well at home.

Your bequest is an enduring investment that will allow us to continue this important work and make a significant difference to lives of others in need.

To make a bequest, it is recommended that you speak with a solicitor who can create a Will for you, or update your existing Will to include a gift to Community Care (Northern Beaches) Ltd.

Types of Bequests

Your solicitor or trustee company can give you more information, but in general there are five major types of Bequests:

  • Specific Bequests are gifts of particular articles of property, houses or land, shares, cars, furniture, jewellery, artworks etc given to a particular person or organisation.
  • General Bequests are usually gifts, sums of money or percentages of the value of your estate given to people or organisations.
  • Residual Bequests are made up of the remainder of your estate after the Specific and General Bequests have been distributed. You may wish to leave residual bequests to your family or friends or an organisation or charity.
  • Proportional Bequests are those in which you leave a specific proportion of your residual estate e.g.20 per cent of my residuary estate to ARV Foundation.
  • Alternative Bequests are those in which you make provision in your Will that if any named beneficiary cannot accept your bequest, ARV Foundation will benefit.

Whatever amount you bequeath as your personal heritage to CCNB, be assured that it will be an enduring tribute to your generosity.

Recommended wording for a Bequest

If you decide to leave a bequest to CCNB the recommended wording you should use is set out below:

“I give to CCNB the sum of $ _______________ or ____% residue of my estate for the general purposes of CCNB free of all duties and taxes and I declare that the receipt of its Chief Executive, Treasurer or other authorised officer shall be sufficient discharge to my personal representatives.”

Gifts of celebration or remembrance

Making a gift that helps others is a wonderful way to celebrate a milestone or remember an important person. Celebrating events such as graduations, weddings, promotions, and retirements takes on a new meaning when you help to improve the lives of children, women, and men in our local community. Likewise remembering those who have touched your life in a special way takes on greater meaning when your generosity helps those in need.

Each gift is acknowledged by a card sent to the honored person or to the family of the deceased person in whose name the gift is being made. The notification does not include the amount of the gift. However, as a donor, you will receive a separate acknowledgement for your own records.

Memorial Gifts

Please note that if you are planning for memorial gifts to CCNB in lieu of flowers, it is suggested that the obituary notice includes this phrase:

"The family suggests memorial contributions be made to CCNB at or call 1300 002 262. Please list the name of the deceased with your gift.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Are donations to CCNB tax Deductible?

Yes, all donations to CCNB are tax deductible.  CCNB has Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) status. To attain DGR, an organisation needs to fit the requirements set down in law and be endorsed as a DGR by the Australian Tax Office.  CCNB meets those stringent requirements and is registered with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC). You can find our ACNC registration details on the ACNC website. 

How can I make a donation to CCNB?

Alternatively you can make a donation via bank deposit, credit card or cheque using our Donation Form and returning it to us via email, fax or mail.

Our direct deposit details are:

Bank: CBA
Account Name: Community Care (Northern Beaches)
BSB: 062 155
Account Number: 0090 9330

Are CCNB operations efficient and financially responsible?

CCNB has a strong, stable and effective Leadership Team, which is overseen by a Board of directors as part of comprehensive, contemporary good governance.  CCNB’s financials are independently audited and published as part of our Annual Report. For more, go to About Us.

We also undergo regular, government-mandated quality reviews conducted by external auditors, and consistently receive high ratings for the quality, reliability and consistency of our services and operations.

In addition, CCNB is registered, and complies with, all of the requirements of the Commonwealth Government Australian Charities and Not-for-Profit Commission (ACNC) – the independent national regulator of charities. You can find our ACNC registration details on the ACNC website. Our Annual Reports and financials are also on our website.

Would you like to speak to someone?

Contact our community engagement manager on 02 9998 2900 or email




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