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Dementia, the Brain and the Person

As part of Seniors Week CCNB invite you to come along to a dementia information session.

In this session we look at the different types of dementia and how we can support a person living with dementia and memory loss.

• Is this forgetfulness or is this dementia?
• Dementia and the brain changes
• Tips for communicating
• Understanding behaviour change and how to respond appropriately
• Enabling environments
• The importance of social interactions

There will be morning tea on arrival


Time: 10.30am

Date: Tuesday 10 April 2018

Location:Library Conference Room, North Sydney Council Stanton Library, 234 Miller St, North Sydney 2060

Cost: Free

RSVP: 1300 002 262 or ccnb@ccnb.com.au  by 6 April 2018 or click here to RSVP online


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