COVID-19 (corona virus) scams

CCNB are aware that with the current situation scammers are taking advantage of the spread of coronavirus to exploit and play on the fears of consumers across Australia.

Please be aware that scammers are doing things such as falsely selling coronavirus-related products online, and using fake emails or text messages to try and obtain personal data.

Other scams include phishing emails and phone calls impersonating the World Health Organisation, government authorities, and legitimate businesses – including travel agents and telecommunications companies. Please be aware of people knocking at your door offering to test for COVID-19 or help you in some way. (Please note: if CCNB have arranged volunteers or service providers we would notify you personally and get consent)

We urge you and your family to be cautious with emails, phone calls and people coming to your door. Please regularly check and report anything to the Scamwatch website