Comparing Apples with Oranges

People armed with an approved Home Care Package are a customer of choice, for most approved aged care providers. These approved aged care providers think that their “point of difference” is price. So they are quoting prices and in most cases trying to “undercut” their competition. But the “price war” can cause confusion and lead people to compare “apples with oranges” and in most cases trying to avoid a lemon.

Recently a friend said to me… “Can someone please put this in black and white. I don’t want another assessment and I don’t want a free ipad…I just want to know how many hours my mum is going to get every week and how much it is going to cost us…”

And that’s the crux of it. When assessing the value of your Home Care Package, view it from the actual direct service you will be receiving and how much it will cost you out of your own pocket. When you compare the dollar value you could very well be comparing apples with oranges.

CCNB is an approved Home Care Package Provider, providing only the care coordination, package set up and review component of a Home Care Package. The cost is low and our job is to negotiate the best value deal, matching your needs with the plethora of services on the market. We don’t provide the direct care but ensure people get the best out of their Home Care Package.

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