Celebrating National Carers Week 2020

Recording of CCNB’s Carer Week event with Professor Bettina Cass included below.

National Carers Week, run by Carers Australia from Sunday 11th to Saturday 17th October 2020, is a dedicated acknowledgement and celebration of carers in Australia. According to Carers Australia, there are over 2.7 million Australians providing unpaid support and care to family or friends for a disability, mental illness, alcohol or drug dependency, health condition or increased frailty.

National Carers Week is focused on acknowledging that anyone, at any time, can become a carer. The contribution of carers to their communities is immense, in terms of both emotional and financial cost. National Carers Week provides the opportunity to show your appreciation for carers, and to raise community awareness about the diversity of carers and their roles.

How to get involved

While Carers NSW is planning online health and wellbeing events for carers across NSW during the week, there are many other ways to get involved for those who aren’t carers:

  • Raise awareness using social media to spread the word about National Carers Week
  • Promote carer-friendly workplace practices, like flexible working conditions.
  • Write to a local member to ask them to publicly support National Carers Week

We had the privilege of hosting a Zoom event with Professor Bettina Cass for Carers Week where she discussed what research with family and friend carers tells us and how the experiences and insights of carers provide significant ways to inform policy development.

You can listen to the recording here: https://youtu.be/unFCoBDaIUQ