CCNB Volunteer – Emma

In times of crisis, the Australian spirit is never stronger.

The global pandemic means that we need to distance ourselves, but it doesn’t mean we can’t help each other.

Stay Well, Stay Connected is CCNB’s local response to connect with members of our community who are at risk of social isolation and loneliness .

CCNB’s Volunteers have been leaping into action all over the Northern Sydney Region, calling people, establishing new relationships, delivering Essential Care Packs, groceries, medicine and helping to reduce the impact of social distancing and isolation.

Within days of the crisis hitting, more than 200 community citizens expressed an interest to volunteer with CCNB. Between them, they have made hundreds of calls every day to people, to check in and offer support.

Others performed or were involved in good and generous deeds, random acts of kindness and ideas that enabled and supported our community to Stay Well, Stay Connected.

We spoke to our CCNB Volunteers about what ideas they had, what generous acts of kindness they saw that connected those who were at risk of loneliness and isolation.

French Forest Volunteer, Emma, always looked forward to her Saturday breakfast with her mother Jeanette, 78 at a local residential aged care facility. However, when the facility went into lock down to visitors, due to the pandemic, Emma helped organise a new weekend routine.

Emma and her daughter bought coffees and teas for the facility staff and dropped them off. “ I then rang my mum and organised for her to come out onto her little balcony on her floor so that we could see each other and talk from a safe social distance.As they chatted, other residents started to join in. “ Mum’s little verandah became quite crowded, so one of the kind care staff organised for mum to come downstairs to the dining room window verandah on Saturdays instead. Mum has now made new friends that she can connect with and we all catch up for a chat together on the weekend”.