CCNB Update from our CEO

At this uncertain time, CCNB is determined to support you. We will always lead with kindness, compassion and our focus will be to deliver practical support, at the right time.

CCNB has not closed its doors. In fact, we have ramped up our service delivery.

Over the next few week your CCNB Care Coordinator will contact you to ensure your services have not been disrupted, make necessary changes to your care plan and check-in to see how you are managing during this time.

Specifically the CCNB team will:

  • help you develop a Stay Well, Stay Connected Plan. This plan is about ensuring you get practical support if and when you need it;
  • continue to arrange your care and support services and also provide you with up-to-date information about any service disruptions (with your current provider of choice);
  • make certain that the service providers are paid for in a timely manner so that the organisations you rely upon for your care can continue to operate;
  • set you up on-line to communicate with families and friends if you need it;
  • make certain you are able to access care advice (including through your GP) and/or know where else to go if required;
  • ensure you have access to food, medication and other essential goods;
  • ensure you can keep your bills for essential services up-to-date;
  • provide you with a regular phone-in or online check in service;
  • link you to one of our on-line or telephone chat sessions, where you can talk to others who may be home bound;
  • link you to the most up-to-date official information about the crisis;
  • ensure your Carer and family get the information, advice and guidance they need

I wanted to also let you know that our local community has been incredible. Many people have reached out and are ready to offer help and practical support to anyone who needs it. We are coordinating these efforts and it is truly a heartening experience.

It is really important in times like these to talk. If you are concerned, worried or just have a question to ask, CCNB is here for you. The world has changed; the workplace has changed and our lives have changed.  What hasn’t changed is our commitment to be there for you now, tomorrow and whenever you need us.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call us
on 1300 002 262

Stay well, stay connected.

Dr. Gary Jacobson
Chief Executive Officer