Carers are eligible for financial assistance, access to services, subsidies, information, trainingand support to help them keep well and care for their relative or friend.

Are you a carer?

The Carers Recognition Act 2010 is Australian law that recognises carers as people who “…provide personal care, support and assistance to another individual in need of support due to disability, medical condition, including terminal or chronic illness, mental illness or is frail and aged…” A carer is usually a relative or friend of a person they care for. In many instances carers do not realise that they are a carer, as recognised by Australian law.

Services and support can help you.

The CCNB team understand the health and social care system. As a carer we could help you access services to meet your needs including:

  • Information, Advice and Guidance

    CCNB offers information, advice and guidance to Carers. There are a range of government funded and community resources for carers and the people for whom they care.
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  • Respite Care

    A break from caring without the worry. Not being able to take a break from your caring role can really put your own health and wellbeing at risk. We know how to help you manoeuvre through in-home, community-based or residential respite care services and make the right choices for you. Many of these services are subsidised by the Australian Government.

  • Carer Support

    Information is power. We support you to attend information sessions, conferences and support groups tailored to meet the needs of all carers.
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  • Dementia Consultant

    For carers supporting a loved one with memory loss or dementia we offer a free Dementia Advisory Service. Our skilled and experienced Dementia Consultant supports carers to understand the impact of dementia and to plan for and access services that can ensure the person they are caring for gets the most out of life.
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  • GP Social Work Program

    CCNB’s GP Social Work Program is a hospital avoidance program supporting carers to stay well and healthy in their chosen community. Carers at risk of stress or burnout can access our GP Social Work Program in order to link to services that can assist them in their caring role.
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