Anzac Day 2020

Anzac Day 2020 was a different ‘kettle of fish’ for many of us this year.  The last time official Anzac Day services were not held was in 1919 due to the Spanish Flu. When the community and locals suggested that we could commemorate differently and invoke the spirit of Anzac Day with a driveway remembrance this year, in a bid to ensure COVID-19 would not stop Anzac Day commemorations, I thought why not?  I ran it by my family (all of 3 of us) to participate in this year’s Anzac activities.  Rosemary was purchased for decoration, a virtual poppy was printed, alarm clocks were set and we were ready to for the dawn service on Saturday.

For our family, Anzac Day 2020 instilled a sense of national pride that we had not experienced before.  My husband’s grandfather fought in WW1 and served in the air force, and we wore his medals, quite fragile now at more than 100 years old, with pride. My husband’s father fought as a medic in WW2 and also served in the middle east (Egypt) and New Guinea.  Commemorations this year were very personal for me. I have never experienced a sense of national pride so strongly as on this particular Anzac Day.  Being at home made it much more personal. For the first time, we were unable to come together in large groups for dawn services yet here we were, in driveways, joined by our neighbours, determined to continue to find other ways by which to show our respects. The alarm went off at 5:15am, our youngest son Trent wearily awoke and got his suit on. But he did not complain, as the dawn service in Canberra began at 5:30am we stood on the driveway, with medals in tow, we lit a candle to remember the efforts and sacrifices of our own family’s heroes.

And as the last post rang out in our quiet little street……we remembered them all. 

Lest we forget their sacrifices for our freedom.

Written by Michele our Dementia Consultant at CCNB

In the below link are a few photos of CCNB staff members and families on Saturday 25th April all marking this day of remembrance a little differently in 2020.