ccnbs vision, purpose, values and code of ethics are developed and promoted as the central framework for all activities and programs operated by ccnb.

Our Vision

Everybody getting the most out of life.

Our Purpose

We work together with people who are vulnerable in our community to maximize opportunities that enrich their lives.

ccnb realises it’s purpose by:

• Providing information on, and access to, a diverse range of in-home and community based services for people who   have identified care and support needs;

• Encouraging and enabling people to identify opportunities and achieve their personal goals; and,

• Demonstrating leadership in the development, planning and evaluation of services through continuous quality   improvement, thought leadership and research.

Core Values

ccnb’s values are:

• Being inclusive and respectful;

• Being ethical and professional;

• Being equitable and empowering; and,

• Being responsive and innovative.

Code of Ethics

  • Respect for Human Dignity and Worth
  • Commitment to Social Justice and Equity
  • Commitment to Organisational Integrity and Accountability
  • Commitment to Staff Development and Competence
  • Commitment to Organisational Growth and Financial Sustainability


Each staff member is responsible for their knowledge and understanding of ccnb’s vision, purpose, values and Code of Ethics.

If you have any comments or feedback in relation to our vision, purpose, values or code of ethics, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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