Supporting families, carers and the people they care for.

ccnb. take a flexible and innovative approach to working with the carers to provide a break and help you participate in your local community. As a community inclusion organisation, ccnb. works with carers for older people, people with disability, of families with children and many other community minded organisations as well.

We listen and plan with you to find out what’s important to you.

This may include:

•  Arranging for the person you care for to be supported at home while you are out spending time with family, shopping or other social activities.
•  Supporting the person you care for to be more connected within your local community, including meeting new people or catching up with friends, learning new skills and developing interests. Such as learning how to play a musical instrument or to use a computer, going to a sporting match or joining a local gardening group.

ccnb. ensure that your support worker is a culturally appropriate ‘fit’ to your family, committed to working towards meeting the goals of the person with the disability.

A few of the programs we run are outlined below. But contact us to discuss your needs, as there are other programs that may be able to support you.

Older parent carer network

Provides comprehensive and flexible support coordination for older people who care for a son or daughter with a disability.

This program provides comprehensive and flexible support coordination for older parents who care for a son or daughter with a disability.

Our care managers work with parents and their children with a disability to identify their strengths, bringing a range of resources around them, to assist in meeting their needs and achieving their goals. The program focuses on building formal and informal networks, building individual capacities and planning for future caring roles and care options.

We provide thorough and comprehensive assessment and case management, a key contact for the family, and referral and linkage to other specialist support in regard to future planning in areas such as legal, financial, accommodation and/or other formal in-home services.


To be eligible for this program, a carer must:

  • Be caring for their son or daughter with a disability; and,
  • Be aged over 60 years, or 45 years for First Peoples (Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander Peoples); and,
  • Be seeking support in the maintenance and future-planning of their carer role/s.


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