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Helping to heal hidden wounds

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20161010_131154This time last week we celebrated another graduation from our Partners in Recovery Sydney North Shore & Beaches LifePlus course!

LifePlus is a life skills course supporting those suffering from severe and persistent mental health. The course has seen some incredibly impressive results since it launched in May last year including an 80% completion rate.

Those taking part tend to be socially isolated, feel anxious about being part of a group and won’t have participated in a mainstream course for some time. Despite these huge hurdles, students are returning week after week to study everything from technology and relationship building, to interview skills and personal financial management.

Sally Cornelius from Partners in Recovery has been assisting with the development of the course and is proud of what it is achieving;

“We’re thrilled to see the course going from strength to strength. We’ve had participants of all ages, from 19-70 and from all walks of life. When they arrive in the first week they’re all nervous. To watch them grow in confidence and progress to graduation is incredibly humbling.”

“Our research shows that of the 1300 people living with severe and persistent mental illness in the region; 61% suffer from social isolation and 71% are in need of meaningful daytime activities. This course is addressing those issues and is a great starting point for an individual’s recovery journey.”

The course is proving to be a great opportunity to prepare individuals for a mainstream course. Graduates have gone on to take further courses at the community colleges at which they are run and for others, it has led directly to employment.

If you know someone struggling with severe and persistent mental illnesses in the North Shore and Beaches region, contact the Partners in Recovery team on 1300 000 747.

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