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GP with wide experience joins CCNB Board

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Dr. Stephen Ginsborg is a local GP, known and respected for his work and dedication to providing high quality, personalised services to a wide range of people and their communities.

He works to encourage each person’s connection to community. He believes this contributes strongly to their health and the community’s cohesion.

CCNB (formerly Community Care Northern Beaches) is a local, trusted service to older people, people with disability and their carers. “….We are delighted to have Dr. Ginsborg joining the Board of Directors at CCNB” said Ms. Cecile Cooper, Chairperson and Northern Beaches local.

At the heart of every good and healthy community are hosts of local people who roll up their sleeves and address the issues of the day. Dr. Ginsborg is an advocate of community action and encourages choices to address the challenges of ageing  “…Staying as well and healthy as possible may just be about keeping moving as much as you can and aiming for good nutrition. And it is also about connection to others and community…”

Cecile Cooper says that “…CCNB is an organisation committed to supporting people to get the best out of life. Dr. Ginsborg is a highly valued community member who is volunteering his time, using his skill and experience to make this region the best place to age, have a disability or be a carer”.


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